Route 66
Monday 22nd April – Saturday 11th May 2019
Tour Cost £2,925 (Plus flights)

It is a common myth that Route 66 died when it was finally bypassed by Interstates 44 and 40, but nothing could be further from the truth. With more than 80% of the original highway still in existence we can follow closely in the tyre tracks of those early pioneers who were seeking a better life in the west. All along the route we will find relics of this bygone era, some of it in disrepair, some lovingly maintained, and some being restored to its former glory and meet the people as they welcome you to their part of American folk lore.

There is so much more to see along this amazing road with many iconic locations such as the ‘Mustang Corral’, last home of the famous 60’s Ford Mustang, the ‘Blue Whale Water Park’ and the legendary ‘Cadillac Ranch’ at Amarillo. We will also get to stay in a Wigwam at the famous ‘Wigwam Motel’ in Holbrook, Arizona, where the owner has a large collection of classic cars to photograph. Of course, we will also stop at the old food stops and enjoy a milkshake in the ‘Gemini Giant’ in Chandler, a ‘Cozy Dog’ in the ‘Cozy Dog Café’ in Springfield or some frozen custard in the famous ‘Ted Drewes’ in St Louis.

These are just a few of the hundreds of great things to be found and enjoyed on a journey down Route 66. This will be like no other trip to the USA as this tour enables you meet with the people, get a feel for the local communities of the USA, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and famous landmarks. There is no doubt that a trip down Route 66 will live in your memory forever and provide you with unique and timeless photography..

Detailed Itinerary