Winter in Yellowstone
Friday 27th January – Sunday 12th February 2023
Tour Cost: £3,925 (Plus Flights)

Our tour visits the Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole area before we make our way north through Idaho to West Yellowstone. Here we join our own snow coach and spend five full days exploring many aspects of the park. During our five days we will visit numerous great locations giving everyone the opportunity to see Yellowstone gripped in winter conditions. While we are in this section of the park we will see many of the famous basins and thermal features. We will also visit places such as Tangled Creek, Tire Pool and Hayden Valley, areas made famous by images from previous Photoventures tours. We will also visit Mammoth and the Northern section of the park along the Lamar Valley where we may spot the grey wolves that live here. Having led so many trips to Yellowstone you can be assured that we will be visiting the best locations for photography during the trip.

Yellowstone in the winter is unique with its sub-zero temperatures and steaming hydrothermal features. The park also has very limited access confined to over-snow vehicles such as snow coaches and snow mobiles operated by specialist companies. This results in very few people accessing the park during these cold winter months. In addition to this, the animals usually become more approachable as they seek to survive the harsh winter conditions, and this usually results in more encounters with bison, elk, coyotes, and other park wildlife. On previous tours we have also experienced close encounters with the grey wolf pack as they fed on an elk kill and this offered some spectacular images for our clients. Whilst no one can guarantee sightings of wolves we are able to offer you something special during our stay in Jackson. Here you will have the option to visit the National Elk Refuge, home to as many as 8,000 wintering elk. This is a unique opportunity to view hundreds of majestic bull elk as they congregate together on the refuge, something infrequently seen in the wilderness and if you are lucky you may get close to the resident bald eagles that live here.

Perhaps one of the greatest places on earth, Yellowstone has so much to offer the photographer at all times of the year. However, in winter it is spectacular with its extreme temperatures, rising steam and open waterways there is nowhere quite like it. To visit Yellowstone at any time is a real experience but to be able to capture the winter conditions, frozen wildlife and boiling pools is like no other photography you will find. Yes, it may be cold, you have to wrap up warm and look after your cameras, but these difficulties will soon be forgotten as you immerse yourself in this special photographic location.

Detailed Itinerary