Winter in Yellowstone
30th January - 15th February 2009
Tour Cost: £2,200 (Plus Flisghts)

Yellowstone in the winter is unique with its sub zero temperatures and steaming hydrothermal features. The park also has very limited access confined to over snow vehicles such as snow coaches and snow mobiles operated by specialist companies. This results in very few people accessing the park during these cold winter months. In addition to this the animals usually become more approachable as they seek to survive the harsh winter conditions and this usually results in more encounters with bison, coyotes and other park wildlife. During our stay in Jackson you will also have the opportunity to visit the National Elk Refuge, home to as many as 8,000 wintering elk. This is a unique opportunities to view hundreds of majestic bull elks as they congregate together on the refuge, something infrequently seen in the wilderness.