Mexico Adventures
28th October - 15th November 2009

Tour Cost: £3,150 (Plus flights)

The tour begins in Mexico City and will include a visit to the city, Teotihuacan or other nearby Aztec features. From Mexico City we will fly to Oaxaca where we will stop for four nights. Oaxaca is a very interesting Colonial town with colourful streets and market and is surrounded by small villages. During our stay here we will visit the Zapotec sites of Mitla and Monte Albán. However the most important part of stay will be centred round the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival when the streets will be alive with people, colour and music as they remember those that have passed on. A favourite of the festival goers is to make colourful skulls from sugar.

From Oaxaca we fly to San Cristóbal where we visit the amazing Sumidero Canyon. Our stay in San Cristóbal will include a visit to San Juan Chamula together with time exploring the city and local villages and markets. From San Cristóbal we journey by road to Palenque visiting the waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha and during our stay here we visit the famous Mayan ruin that emerges for the jungle. From Palenque we continue by road to Campeche where we will incorporate a visit to the famous Hacienda Uayamon for lunch and visit the market and centre of this lovely colonial city. From here we travel towards the Gulf Coast for our next stop in the city of Mérida. This lovely colonial town will be our centre as we visit the most famous of Mayan sites at Chichen Itza and the nature reserve at Celestun on the Gulf of Mexico. From here we fly back to Mexico City allowing us time to explore the city and visit the Xochimilco Gardens and savour the famous Mariachi Bands.

The current tour prices reflect the huge drop in the exchange rate of the US Dollar as of November 2008. Should the exchange rate improve in the future then tour prices will be reduced accordingly.